When I was in middle school, my mom took me to my first Broadway musical. We saw CATS, and though everyone makes great fun of that show, I loved it dearly. For years I dreamed of being a stage actress, and my love of the theater really began with that show. I generally don’t have a great long-term memory, but going to see that play with my mom is something I’ll never forget.
So I was naturally thrilled to take The Muse to her first Broadway show on Wednesday. (One of the joys of homeschooling is that we can take advantage of mid-week matinees.) Havarti took the day off and stayed home with Dolittle and BoyWonder, and the Muse and I got a little dressed up and took the train downtown for a mom-daughter date to see WICKED.
The train ride was an hour, and I had planned to bring my crocheting (a rekindled hobby I learned in my childhood) and teach The Muse the basics. But I accidentally left the bag sitting on the kitchen counter. But luckily my little Muse came prepared – with two index cards filled with questions for me! She thought it could be like an interview, and she asked questions like, “What is your favorite book series and why?” and “If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?” I was amazed at how she had thought ahead and prepared! So we had a nice conversation. She’s really at such a threshold age. Still a child, definitely, but I can see her growing up so much in the next couple of years. I found myself so happy to spend a little time alone with her before we get to the next stage.
We took a cab from Union Station to P.F. Chang’s for lunch. They have THE BEST gluten-free menu! So yummy. We even got dessert. Then we walked to the theater. The Muse was well prepared for the show – we had checked out the soundtrack from the library and listened to it fairly non-stop for the past couple of months. She sings it ALL THE TIME. All good, though. I think it’s better to know the music when you’re going to see a musical—that way you can just enjoy it instead of wondering what they’re singing.
Havarti and I saw Wicked a few years ago, and we LOVED it. Such a great show, both from the production standpoint and the story standpoint. Really makes you examine the outward expressions of good and evil. I was psyched to see it again, and it was so fun to see it with The Muse.
After the show, we walked back to the train station (brrr!!!) and took the train home again. What a fun day with my girl. J

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