My Little Peacemaker

This evening, the girls emerged from the basement in a fury of vitriol and vicious words. “Mom!! She PROMISED she would build Wuhu Island with me, and now she says she’s not going to!!” “I never PROMISED!” “Yes, you DID!!” “No, I DIDN’T!!!” I responded, “Do I have to be here for this conversation?” That didn’t go over well with The Muse, who was looking for me to invoke her idea of justice by forcing her little sister to go back to the basement to play. I tried to smooth things over a bit by explaining that they both needed to be considerate of each other’s feelings, etc., etc. But The Muse was fuming, and no amount of talking was going to help her see reason in that moment.
So as The Muse was sitting on the coffee table shooting daggers out of her eyes at me (because, naturally, this scenario had somehow become my fault) and visibly seething with frustration and anger, wee little BoyWonder crawled up onto the table and put his face right up to hers. Then he put his arm around her shoulder, and slowly put his face even closer. Dolittle and I were totally smiling by now, and I could see The Muse beginning to defrost. Then he kissed her on the cheek and put his face right up to hers as if to say, “All better, Sissy?” Oh, my heart! Then he came over to the couch and gave Dolittle a hug and kiss, too. I wanted to just eat that boy up!
Not ten seconds later, The Muse calmly said to Dolittle, “Can we make a compromise?” And after she explained the concept of “compromise,” they agreed that Dolittle would help build Wuhu Island if The Muse would build Lego towers afterward.
And then they skipped off happily to the basement again.
God bless that sweet baby boy and his irresistible kisses. J

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