True Confession

I’ve rudely neglected many of my friends and family as of late, under the guise of having a newborn baby. It’s true, I do. And yes, he does take up enormous amounts of my time and energy. But that’s not the whole story. I’ve fallen into a hole, a deep dark hole—and I’ve taken Havarti with me.

As soon as the kids are in bed and we’ve done the minimum amount of housework to keep our sanity, we settle in and immerse ourselves in the twisted plot lines of the TV show “LOST.” Oh. My. Golly. This is the most addictive show ever. Havarti and I started watching season 1 online when we ran out of “Flight of the Conchords” episodes (HILARIOUS, by the way), and we have been hooked since the first freakin’ episode. It’s so unpredictable! So even when Isaac has fallen asleep and I should be sleeping too like a good little mommy-of-a-newborn, I don’t—I stay awake until I need toothpicks to keep my lids open to watch because it’s JUST THAT GOOD. That’s right. I choose “LOST” over SLEEP. That’s saying something.

Havarti just tucked the girls in. Time for Season 3 Episode 9. Wahoo!

(Oh, and sorry if you’re one of the friends or family members I’ve neglected. In reality, we’re watching when it’s too late to do anything else anyway. But my daytime grogginess can probably be blamed on LOST as much as on Isaac. So there you have it.)

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