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BoyWonder is sleeping soundly, so I should be cleaning the house or something more practical, but I really feel like I need to write. This is going to be rather disjointed and blathery, but it is what it is.

Some reflections since BoyWonder’s birth:

– I’m very happy to report that all of my worries about having a boy completely disappeared the moment they placed him on my stomach. I’m totally smitten, and totally surprised at how it all just went away. I’m not sure if I conveyed on here how nervous/anxious/worried I was to have a boy. To be honest, I can’t really remember the reasons now. I think it was just a general sense of not understanding them or something. But there’s a special bond I feel with BoyWonder already, that I’m not sure was there with the girls at the beginning. Maybe it’s just a third child thing. Who knows. But I just adore our “little man.” That seems to have become my nickname for him. He looks like a little man. So stinking cute.
– The girls just love BoyWonder. The Muse is like a professional baby holder. She’ll even keep holding him when he gets fussy, walking around, bouncing him, talking to him gently. It’s really amazing to see how patient she is. I know how a fussy baby can grate on your nerves, but she’s cool as a cucumber. So she’s a big help, and is apparently willing and able to take on more than I ever would have asked her to. Dolittle needs more supervision, of course, but she loves to hold him and hug and kiss him, too. They both call him the cutest baby in the whole world.
– You’d think nursing would be easiest with the third child, but it’s actually been a bit trickier with BoyWonder than it was with Dolittle. He just has a different nursing personality. Dolittle would latch on, eat quickly (like 10 minutes, tops) and be good to go for a few hours. BoyWonder took awhile to get the latching thing down, and he nurses much more constantly. He also nurses for a lot longer. So I feel like I’m nursing most of the time. That wouldn’t be a problem, except that I have two other kids to take care of.
– I’ve heard people say they thought it was easier going from two to three kids than it was going from one to two. I’ve not found this to be true in the least. Adding BoyWonder to the mix, while wonderful, has been very tricky, logistically speaking. It’s only been a month, so I know things are supposed to be topsy turvy, but it’s been trickier than I expected. Part of it is that BoyWonder has fussy days that make getting anything done practically impossible, and part of it is that we had a very busy schedule with homeschooling and work and outside activities that really didn’t have room for a newborn’s lack of routine. I’m struggling to figure how to homeschool and work without a solid routine. I don’t think I realized how scheduled we actually had become. I’d be happy to just sit around all day and nurse and take care of BoyWonder, but the girls really need to have some structure. They’ve been spending WAY more time with the TV and computer than they ever have, and I can tell they’re needing a predictable routine again. It would help if it wasn’t the dead of winter and we could go out for walks or something.
– We’re trying to figure out when to put the house up for sale, and how we’re going to sell it. We’re pretty sure we’ll move in with Havarti’s parents while it’s on the market, since there’s no way we could keep it show-ready if we’re living here. So that means we’ll probably be moving sometime this spring, which is a whole other level of challenge to think about. So I’m not really thinking about it yet. One challenge at a time, right?
– I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook lately, catching up with old friends and playing really addictive word games. It’s a lot of fun. I recommend it highly.
– I’ll probably write a whole other post about this, but it was an interesting experience having BoyWonder at the hospital. Now that I’ve birthed in three completely different places (birth center, home, and hospital), I can honestly say that homebirth was my favorite experience by far. It’s hard to compare each experience justly, since each birth itself was different and they were each with different doctors (or midwives). However, overall, Dolittle’s homebirth stands out as significantly more enjoyable. It was shorter and easier than the others, which may or may not have been due to laboring at home. And it was REALLY nice to not have to go anywhere in the car in the middle of labor. I’ll probably compare in more detail another time.
– I can’t believe how long BoyWonder is sleeping soundly next to me here! He’s had a rough couple of days and nights. I can’t figure out if it’s just normal newborn stuff or if there’s something I’m eating that causes him some digestive problems. The middle of the night fussiness is the hardest. Last night he nursed at about 2:30, I closed my eyes to go to sleep, and then I heard him start to fuss again. I thought we were in for another marathon fuss session like he’d had the night before, but then I looked at the clock and it was 5:00. I’d slept for 2 ½ hours, and it felt like three seconds. That’s how hard you sleep after a few days of waking up every hour or two. 🙂

Now that I’ve typed all of this blather, I don’t feel like I got out whatever I felt I needed to. I think my hormones are still working themselves out. Plus I need to sleep. I wish I was one of those people who could live on five hours of sleep. I was just reading today that Thomas Jefferson got up at 5:00 every day and would stay up past midnight studying. How? I always wonder.

Off to bed.

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  1. You are amazing that you even can function enough to write that at all. I am very impressed. We would love to see you soon and give the little man a big smooch, I told you there is a special bond with boys and their mamas!

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