The Best Explanation for Why Women Shouldn’t Breastfeed in Public

OMIGOSH. Kristina Kuzmic made the video I’ve always wanted to make. This is it. Right here. Hallelujah.

Enjoy, y’all. (And remember, sarcasm is our friend here.)

My favorite bits:

“By breastfeeding in public, we’re spreading the lie that breasts have a purpose other than to just turn someone on. That can, like, totally screw kids up.”

“Seriously. Babies who push the cover off are just spoiled brats.”

“And if men are staring at a breastfeeding mom’s obvious sluttiness, that’s tooootally normal. What are they supposed to do? Notice you’re breastfeeding and then look away? Weird.”

Check out more of Kristina’s YouTube videos here.

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