SOLD! (Well, under contract . . .)

After just over one month, we got an offer and agreed on a price for our townhouse. If all goes as planned, we’ll close on July 31. We’re trying not to dwell on the fact that we actually have to PAY money to get out of our house, and the fact that had we sold two years ago we’d be MAKING money. Instead, we’re thankful to be in the position we’re in where we can live with my in-laws and recoup the money in a matter of months. What a blessing.

We’re not sure where we’ll go from here. At this point, we’re thinking we’ll stay here with Havarti’s folks for a year and see how things look from there. It’s working out really well so far. They haven’t kicked us out yet. 🙂 
We had a lovely weekend, on top of the house selling. On Saturday the Fitzies came over for BBQ and left their eldest to sleep in a tent with The Muse and Dolittle and Havarti in the backyard. I’m not much for tents, so I used Isaac as an excuse to not join the backyard campout. The girls got way too little sleep, but they had fun. I’m not sure that Havarti will be doing it any time again soon. 🙂 
Sunday, we went to the House of Worship for the third annual choral festival. It was wonderful! It would have been even more wonderful if the kids weren’t antsy, but they did really well considering how tired they were. And BoyWonder decided to learn how to make a spitting noise just before we went in for the concert, so of course he had to practice during the performance. Luckily, he’s still young enough for people to find those kinds of noises funny and cute. I don’t think it was really audible for anyone other than those immediately around us anyway. Last night we watched a not-so-good movie, “Dog Days of Summer.” I don’t recommend it. It had some identity issues. 
And then today, we had the Ohlsens here for BBQ, which unfortunately got rained out. But we still had a nice visit. 
Now I’m a bit wiped out. I’ve planned out our school day for tomorrow and I’m prepped for some heavy proofreading for the magazine this week. Short work week, though, since today was Memorial Day and Friday is a holy day. I think I could get used to working three-day weeks. 🙂

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  1. I vividly remember one of my choir performances when I was thirteen and Taran was a few months old. As we were about to start our very first piece, I heard this wailing babble from the back of the room and was about ready to crumble with embarrassment when the director turned around towards the audience and said:

    “Well, sign him up!”

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