Off on the right foot

It’s amazing what a difference it makes in my day when I get up and exercise. I made a deal with Havarti that he will get up with the kids in the morning and give me kid-free time until 8:00am. Then I have no excuse not to exercise, other than my own desire to sleep (which, admittedly, sometimes wins out). But getting up, going for a walk/run or doing some Wii Fit, and then showering so that I’m ready to start the day by 8:00 makes me SO much more productive. It’s been working out really well.
Today I decided to turn off the alarm at 6:15 and sleep some more. At 7:30, I woke up, and Havarti said he wanted to run because it was going to be too hot later. So, he went for a run, and I got up with the kids. I stayed in my pajamas until noon! With a baby, it’s just tricky to find time to shower. When he’s up, I’m with him, and when he’s sleeping I’m either working or doing stuff with the girls. Plus our shower is right next to our room and I’m worried it will wake him up. And if I don’t shower, I don’t get dressed. And if I don’t get dressed, I just can’t seem to get a hold of my day. Time just slips by, and I flit from thing to thing without enough order or purpose to get anything substantial actually accomplished.
So today was a good kick in the pants to make me get up tomorrow. Plus, I’ve only got five pounds to go, and since I’m not about to give up my chocolate addiction, I really need that exercise to finally fit comfortably into all of my old pants. J

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