Photo Russian Roulette

My plan for tonight was to go through some old pictures of the kids to see how they’ve changed from when they were wee babes. Unfortunately, the way I have my photos stored on an external drive makes it impossible for me to see them without opening each one individually. All 5893 of them.

So, I decided to play Russian Roulette with the photo list. Since they all are named something like DSC00892, I had no idea what I’d pull up. So here is the result of that little game.

The Muse, probably a little younger than BoyWonder. She was a smart little whipper snapper.

The Muse again, discovering dirt. (Incidentally, this was at the Baha’i Summer School where Havarti and I met when we were kids.) 

Dolittle, discovering food. Funny enough, she still eats like that.
I debated sharing this one, but Russian Roulette is a risk, and I chose to take it. Here’s Dolittle in my belly, and that’s a wee Muse just to the right of my impressive saddlebags.
View of the outer wall of the former prison city of ‘Akka, Israel. Havarti and I went there during our pilgrimage in 2007.
Pretty Mr. Pearson, The Muse’s old orchestra instructor. My friend, P-Diddles and I used to just sit and watch Pretty Mr. P. He was wonderful with the kids. 
Aw, the sisters. And such a cute little crocheted hat! 
Me and Dolittle. What a little baldy she was.
Gross. Sorry. Russian Roulette. This was our fish, Princess, who was a cheap little feeder goldfish we won at a party. She lived for three years, despite us not feeding her when we went on vacations and her bowl sometimes looking like this. She was like a diehard superfish.
Me and The Muse at grandma’s house in CA. She was three, and my only baby at that point. Dang, that feels like a lifetime ago. And yet, she seemed that little just yesterday.
Well, that was fun. Off to bed. 

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