Let’s Talk Chocolate

Today I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some dental floss and toothpaste. So to balance out the universe, I moseyed down the candy aisle. And that’s where I spotted this little beauty:

Whitman’s Dark Chocolate Sampler. Half price! Dark chocolate and a bargain to boot. How could I pass that up? 
Whitman’s Samplers are nice because they tell you what each piece is. 
That way you don’t have to take a bite out of each one to see what’s inside. Um . . . not that I usually do that or anything.
Seeing as it was 9:45 am, I cracked open the box and gave the Chocolate Whip a whirl. After a moment, I felt it was unfair to the others to have that one singled out, so I sampled Maple Fudge as well. (It is called a “sampler” after all.)
By noon, I had sampled my way through six pieces. I began to feel as if I’d had enough, but this little bugger kept beckoning me.
That guy right there in the middle. The Molasses Chew. Now, I know that sounds gross to some of you, but I love me some molasses, especially with dark chocolate drizzled over it. So he took a dive straight into my belly, quickly followed by Almond Nougat and Cashew Cluster. (I thought I should have some protein after that sweet molasses – there is a method to this madness.)
By the time dinner rolled around, here’s what was left of the top half of the box.
Yes, that’s a half-eaten Chocolate Truffle in the corner. And technically, no, I didn’t eat them all myself. I gave Dolittle half a piece earlier in the afternoon. See? I’m not a complete glutton.
Whitman’s Chocolates are not my favorite, but let’s just say I wouldn’t kick ’em out of bed. I’m hoping for a box of See’s for Valentine’s Day or my birthday. Then I’ll show you how to properly devour savor a box of fine chocolate. 
See’s Dark Chocolate Bordeaux. Let’s just take a moment, shall we?
Thankfully, I still have the bottom half of the box waiting for me.
 Now it’s time to go brush my teeth. 🙂

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  1. My mom used to be a package designer for Whitman’s Sampler, and she used to bring home HUUUUUGE plain brown boxes of their “seconds”. I think they were 5lb boxes. Maybe there was a small nick in the chocolate, or a smudge, or a little whitish area on the chocolate from being too cold. At the time, I was too young and picky to know a good thing when I had it!

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