P-Diddles, My MomFriend

Dagnabbit, it’s back. Stupid flim-flamming virus. Oddly, I feel a little better when I’m up moving around. When I sit for longer than 10 minutes, I feel totally wiped out. I’m not up for writing much.

So instead, I thought I’d introduce you to my MomFriend of Surreptitious Ciphering” fame. 

She goes by LakeMom on her blog, but I call her P-Diddles. She has three moppets whom she homeschools as well. We met when Dolittle was a wee babe-in-arms, and we’ve shared countless parenting and learning adventures together since. P-Diddles is the kind of friend who’s made me a better person for having known her. She’s thoughtful, compassionate, and a truly amazing mom. 

She can also make me laugh ’til I almost pee my pants. 

If I was feeling better, I’d write a full-on essay expressing my deep and abiding love for P-Diddles, despite her love of wool yarn and Love in the Time of Cholera. Another day, perhaps. In the meantime, feel free to peruse her site – there’s some good stuff there. Some funny, some deep, some both. You may particularly enjoy this post featuring our moppets accidentally swearing and me in a wheelchair: “Adolescent Humor” by LakeMom Enjoy. 🙂

I’m now going to go suck saltwater up my nose and see if I can’t get some sleep. Night night.

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  1. I was being mature. Plus I am just so happy you have taken up a fiber art that I am letting your vicious, completely unnecessary, painful disdain for wool go. See? Mature.

  2. LOL! Read the first 200 pages . . . you funny. I believe I gave it more than that, even, and it was still a no go. And no worries, I won’t tell anyone you’re addicted to “The Bachelor.” I’m surprised you let the wool thing go. That usually wounds you deeply.

  3. Seriously feeling the love – right back at you! And you just have to give Love in the Time of Cholera a chance — read the first 200 pages and you’ll get into it. And thank you for not mentioning my little Monday night TV indulgence.

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