Musical Kids

It’s been a lot of fun watching the kids’ musical abilities unfold. The Muse has wowed us with the violin, as well as the piano and pretty much any other instrument you put in her hands. And Dolittle has been amazing me lately with her ability to harmonize vocally at such a young age, and I’ve been wondering how she’ll do with an instrument. She decided she wants to learn piano, so she had her first lesson yesterday.

For the past couple of months she’s been plucking out songs by ear, and most recently figured out the first part of “Ode to Joy.” She wanted to show her teacher how she played it, so that’s what she did first thing. Her teacher said, “Well, OK, it looks like we’ll be needing to put her in a more advanced beginner book.” Apparently Dolittle’s ability to play a song with separate fingers was unusual for someone who’s never had a lesson. I had a hunch something like that would be the case.

The Muse also had her first cello lesson today. She just wants to try it out. Same teacher as Dolittle, and she was also amazed at Muse’s ability to play a song right away.

Out of curiosity, the other day in the car I asked The Muse, “If I sing a note can you sing a harmonizing note?” She said yes, so I did. And she did. And then Dolittle piped in with a third note! It was awesome. We did it three times. Amazing, these little musicians.

Oh, and as if that’s not cool enough, BoyWonder can sing! The boy can’t say one word yet, but there’s a part of a They Might Be Giants Song that just an “Ah ah ah ah” melody. And he sings it – in tune! All the time! So awesome. Can’t wait to see what he can do as he gets older (no pressure or anything, baby!).

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