Another Year

We’ve been going back and forth these past few months about when we want to move out of the in-laws’ house. We’ve been here more than a year – wow, that went fast. And it’s gone very very well. So well, in fact, that the benefits of living here still far outweigh any negatives (which are few and fairly insignificant, really). The opportunity to be able to pay off Havarti”s student loan and our car in an extremely accelerated fashion is enough of an incentive to stay here another year. So that’s what we’ve decided. My in-laws are so gracious and sweet, and they have told us we can stay as long as we like. I think they’re enjoying watching the kids grow, especially little BoyWonder in the baby years that go too fast.

So, we’re here, we’re happy, and we are so thankful to have this option. Yay for awesome in-laws! 🙂

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  1. This spring we could finally say, “We’re debt free!” of all but our mortgage. That was a beautiful transition. What a gift you all have to be able to get out from under :)!

    Heidi Baker

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