Frosting Kittens

One of the best parts of having kids is the funny things they say. Here’s a recent conversation between me and Dolittle, our 6-year-old animal lover:

Dolittle: “Mom, are we going to go over to Darcie’s house sometime soon?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Dolittle: “I hope so. I want to see the kittens. Do you know if they’re still frosting them?”

Me: “Do I know if they’re still what?”

Dolittle: “Are they still frosting the kittens?”

Me: (Pause.) “I’m sorry . . . are they still fr . . . what?”

Dolittle: (Getting a little annoyed.) “Mo-om, you know, the kittens! The ones they were frosting. Are they still frosting them?”

Me: (Blank stare.)

Dolittle: (Totally exasperated.) “MOM!” Remember the kittens they were frosting?! ARE THEY STILL FROSTING THEM???”

It’s moments like this when you wish you had a permanent place to record such bizarre conversations, so that someday you can all laugh together about them and then use them to embarrass the kids in front of their future spouses.

Oh wait! Ha ha. I love having a blog.

So anyway, after spending several minutes picturing our dear friends smearing icing all over these poor unsuspecting kitties, I realized what Dolittle meant. Darcie’s family had been fostering kittens for a local animal shelter. FOSTERING. Not frosting. Just a little vocabulary hiccup. Good golly, I love kids.

Last week, when I was going back through some old posts, I was reminded of another funny moment. The Muse was about Dolittle’s age, and she and a friend were playing in our backyard. The Muse was standing atop a hill, wildly gesticulating with her arms and speaking passionately to an imaginary something or someone. Her friend asked her what she was doing, and she responded sincerely:

“I’m TRYING to end SLAVERY!”

Awesome. 🙂

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