The kids’ 5-year-old cousin, Landon, was here today. The girls had spent the night with friends, so BoyWonder was without his normal playmates. It was hilarious to see how he responded to Landon with unbridled, masculine joy. I don’t know what other words to explain it. He’d go right up to him, and giggle in a “Hey, you’re a boy and I’m a boy and isn’t that the coolest thing in the world?” sort of way.

It’s not the first time this has happened. One night my friend LakeMom was here with her three kids – including her 8-year-old boy, Eggplant. BoyWonder must’ve been about a year old at the time, barely walking. The girls were all off playing somewhere, and as soon as  came into the room, BoyWonder starting “talking” to him, really intensely. LakeMom and I watched in awe as he babbled and babbled (he hardly made any sounds at this point, normally) like he had something really important to tell Eggplant. In the middle of this little tirade, I kid you not, he picked up a doll that was sitting on the coffee table, and tossed it on the ground. Then he picked up a truck and started vrooming it across the table, talking to Eggplant in some secret boy language the whole time. We about died laughing. It literally looked like he was saying “OK, the girls are gone. We need to talk. It’s you and me, dude. We’re outnumbered, but we men have to stick together. We don’t need these stupid dolls. We’ve got our manly trucks. Grunt. Grunt.” He was barely one year old!

He also responded differently to Simon, a 7-year-old boy who also has two sisters, the first time he came over. BoyWonder just looks at these older boys with stars in his eyes, especially when they come to our house.

Oh, and when we were at Green Lake Baha’i Conference, he befriended a little boy who had just started walking. During registration, BoyWonder had a ball in each hand (which is his usual M.O.) and he dropped one on the ground. This little baby boy picked it up, and I thought for sure that BoyWonder was about to throw down at the idea of some other kid taking his ball. But he was SO excited! He shared his ball with this kid the whole time we were there. They’d throw it and kick it, and he’d only start to get possessive when it became clear that the kid was walking off with it for good.

Boys, balls – it’s all so different than I expected it to be. I adore this boy energy and the sweetness that goes along with it. I’m so enjoying watching him unfold. And I’m still so amazed at how quickly all the fear I had about having a boy dissipated after he was born. What a little blessing. I hope I’ll always feel this way about him. 🙂

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