Awesome Things as of Late

– The Muse gives BoyWonder a bath and gets him totally ready for bed without any help. She helps Dolittle with her bath, too. While I actually rather enjoy BW’s bathtime, it’s very freeing to have The Muse volunteer to take it over sometimes.

– BoyWonder is saying a few more words, and it’s so adorable how excited he gets when we understand him. The other night I had to take something dangerous away from him, and he held on with a death grip and screamed, “GOOOOO! GOOOOO!” It took me a minute to realize he was trying to say “Let go!” Awesome.

– Dolittle is really making strides with learning to read! When she doesn’t overthink it, she zooms right through simple stories. She also lost her front tooth tonight that has been dangling hillbilly-fashion for a couple of weeks.

– Today was very cloudy, cool, and fall-like. I made banana muffins. Yummy.

– My dad is coming out for Thanksgiving, and Jama and Peter and Emani will be coming from Australia for Thanksgiving until New Year’s. It’ll be so nice to have a house full of family for Thanksgiving.

– “Parenthood” started up again for the season. Absolutely love that show.

– Sent a message to my three best friends from high school on Facebook, and we all had a nice little virtual reconnect. It just sort of hit me the other day how much their friendship helped me through that crazy high school age, and how blessed we were to have such good friendships. Our 20 year reunion is just three years away. That blows. My. Mind.

– I got mobile Internet, which makes it so I can work random places. Love it! I actually worked for an hour in the car the other day (Havarti was driving, of course) and was able to connect the whole time. Sweet.

– Did I mention my excitement that fall is coming? It’s really my best time of year. It’s funny, you can live places that are always wintery, always summery, or even always sort of spring-like, but there’s really no place that’s always fall. It’s special, that’s what it is. It’s a transitory season, a journey from one state to another. I’ve always liked the journey more than the destination, the process more than the product. Maybe that explains some of my love of fall. That and the colors. Spicy and warm and earthy. Orange cinnamon tea. Pumpkin spice lattes. Apple crisp. Oh baby, here we go. 🙂

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