The Acting Bug

I’m sitting outside the performing arts center waiting for The Muse’s “Acting for Film and Television” class to finish. It’s her first one, and I wonder how it’s going. It’s funny how much like me she can be. I try not to focus on it too much, to let her be her own person, but man, there really is a lot of me in there. 
She has recently become “in love” with acting. Wants more than anything in the world to be an actress in movies. I did, too, starting around her age. First I think it was movies, and then moved on to Broadway once I really started getting into the good musicals. It’s funny to remember how strong that feeling was. And it’s funny to be on the other side of it now, the side with all the practicality and life experience, and to know that that wasn’t really my calling. Maybe it really is hers. Maybe not. She has a different calling about every six months. Interested in EVERYTHING, that one. She said she wanted to be an optometrist after I took her to get her eyes checked. A swim instructor after swimming lessons. A baker or a chef every time we make something in the kitchen. Up until the past few months, if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she’d rattle off a laundry list of about 15 different things without pausing. I love that she has such a zest for everything. And, though I try to ignore it, a small part of me worries that she’ll be torn in so many directions that she won’t actually develop a true passion for anything.
Oh, the love and the worry that goes along with motherhood.

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