What it Means to be a Mother

Being a mother means…

  • Understanding why sleep-deprivation is used as torture.
  • Pretending you’re immune to whining, but really having it poke holes in your nervous system.
  • Reminding little people to flush and wash their hands all day long and wondering why this simple habit takes kids years to master.
  • Waking up from a dead sleep to the sound of a child crying, sometimes because there’s actually a child crying and sometimes because your mind is cruel like that.
  • Getting into the car, starting to buckle up, then getting out of the car and dashing back into the house for something you forgot. Usually multiple times. Every time you go anywhere.
  • Driving. Driving. And more driving.
  • Spending inordinate amounts of time and money learning about, shopping for, and preparing healthy foods that your kids will refuse to eat.
  • Wondering when those gray hairs appeared and being convinced that they’d never be there if it weren’t for your children.
  • Lying to yourself when you scrape crusty gunk off of a toy, book or screen and tell yourself it’s not a booger . . .

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