Too Bad Our Gargantuan Mop Bucket Couldn’t Help with the Flooding . . .

We’re just eight days away from departure. Yay! We have one more trip to make to the house to get rid of a couple of last things in the garage, and then we’ll be totally done with that chapter. Holy buckets, moving is a gigantic pain. It’s not one of those things that gets easier the more you do it, either. It sucks. Every time.

But enough with the moving complaints. That part’s done. Now we can look forward to our new nomadic life for the next year. We’re staying at Havarti’s parents’ until we leave next Sunday. (No sympathy necessary; my in-laws are unusually fabulous.) While Havarti is in Spokane for work, I’m wrapping up all of the last to-do’s, such as online address changes, sorting out our schedule/routine for the road, catching up on work, getting our last few items to storage and Goodwill, etc.

Oh, and I’m also dealing with the traffic nightmare that Chicagoland has become due to Mother Nature’s flooding joke. We’re lucky that Havarti’s parents moved last month, because the town they just moved from has declared a state of emergency. Crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy weather jokes, we’re going to be driving through Colorado in ten days. I really hope they get their whole April blizzard thing out of their system before we get there. Sheesh. Enough already.

The moppets are doing pretty well. The last week at the house as we were getting everything packed and cleaned was fairly brutal. Everyone got a little snippity. I don’t remember ever being that physically exhausted for that many days in a row. Yesterday I had the girls do some bare minimum schoolwork and then told them they could do whatever / watch whatever / play whatever they wanted for the rest of the day – no screen time limits. So it was a Netflix marathon all afternoon. They really needed a decompression day, and I needed the time to get things done.

I could really use a decompression day, too. I’m picturing having one on the beach in Dana Point two weeks from now.

The good thing about the stress of moving out of the house is that it’s going to make our nomadic life seem like a breeze. After many weeks of selling and giving, we were able to get all of our furniture and everything we’re not packing in the car on our trip into this storage pod:

Plus a 5′ x 5′ storage unit. We really needed the extra unit. The bikes alone took up too much space to fit into the storage pod. And we ended up filling it with other things, too, like our cold-weather clothes (which we’ll have to switch out with our summer stuff this fall) and our industrial-sized mop bucket.

Oh yes. One of the joys of being married to someone whose family owned a janitorial service for 35 years is that we have a mop bucket that looks like this:

Only it’s a lot bigger than that in real life. Aren’t I lucky? (Actually, I am, because Havarti does all the mopping. So I don’t complain. Except when we have limited storage and a big honking yellow mop bucket. We got it to fit, though. All good.)

The crappy weather really is messing with our plans a bit, as I had assumed that by mid-April we would have been able to store our winter coats. But, alas, it was snowing last night. So we’ll wait until the end of next week and go deposit our coats in the storage unit.

And then sunny southern California, here we come! Woohoo!

I have much to share about how we plan to spend our 30-hour car ride with three kids, what exactly we’re taking with us in the car, and how we’ll have it packed. But I need my coffee now, so I’ll save it for later.

Eight days. Can’t believe it’s almost time!

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  1. As I was walking through Union Station in LA after visiting Ter and Deva, I saw a cool poster of taking the Metrolink to La Brea Tarpits! After reading about the 30 hours in a car, I thought I would share this now.

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