To BoyWonder on (or close to) His 4th Birthday

Dear BoyWonder,

It’s not your birthday today. I wanted to write this letter on your actual birthday, which was four days ago, but on that particular day (and two days before, and three days since) you were sick and snuggling most of the time in my arms. Kind of hard to type that way, especially now that you’re four and so. darn. big. You seem to have a knack for being sick on your birthday – three of the past four, if I’m not mistaken. But really, so far that’s about the extent of your annoying traits. 🙂

Every year I keep wondering when the delightfulness of your person is going to wane, and every year I’m happily surprised that you are still as joyful and sweet as ever. Not that you don’t have your moments, but they’re pretty infrequent and tame. You still get excited about your Cheerios in the morning, you still tense up and squeeze your hands with excitement whenever anyone is playing Angry Birds, and you still love to snuggle with your mama. The other day you said to me, “You’re my sweetheart.” And you’ve really gotten on a kick of telling me I’m the Best Mommy in the Whole World. Come on. That’s not even fair.

This past year, your intelligence has really started to materialize in more academic ways. It’s so fun to be surprised by the things you know. You seem to have an affinity for numbers, and you always ask me what the words in your books say. Whenever the girls are doing schoolwork, you ask where your schoolwork is, too. You focus well and work hard, habits I hope you keep.

As far as literature goes, you particularly like Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh. You also love this sweet picture book called “Farfallina and Marcel.” It’s about a caterpillar and gosling who become friends, then lose each other when the caterpillar goes into metamorphosis, but rediscover each other as butterfly and grown goose. It’s a lovely story. What’s funny, though, is that at some point someone pronounced the goose’s name “MARcel” (like “parcel”) while I pronounce it “MarCEL.” Oh, boy, do you get on me when I pronounce it that way. “No, it’s MARcel, Mama!”

You’ve started asking a lot of questions lately about your heart, and my heart, and heartbeats, and when heartbeats go fast, and whether you die if someone breaks your heart. 🙂 I’m sure you mean in that in a literal sense. But still pretty funny.

This coming year is going to be one of major change and adventure. I’m a little sad that you likely won’t remember much of it, but I’ll do my best to take lots of pictures and relive our nomadic trip around the country for years to come to keep some of it in your consciousness. You keep asking when we’re going to go to Seattle and San Diego. I’m not sure how you glommed onto those particular cities, but I’m glad you’re so excited to go. Maybe you can pass some of that enthusiasm onto your slightly trepidatious sisters. 🙂

I’m grateful for four delightful years, and anxious to see what the future holds for you, little one.


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  1. Lovely. I wanted you to keep going though. This one ended a little too soon for me. Kind of like when you realize they’ve grown out of something before you had a chance to document or savor it properly.

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