This 25th Anniversary Song Perfectly Sums Up Married Love

This 25th Anniversary Song Perfectly Sums Up Married Love

Our friends, Dan and Sarah, just celebrated their 25th anniversary. Sarah is an anthropology PhD/homeschooling mom/accomplished fiction writer (you can see her books here). Dan is a geographer/awesome musician who sounds freakishly like the lead singer of Barenaked Ladies. They are one of our favorite couples. (They take a walk together every day, rain or shine. Gotta love that.)

Dan had never written a song for Sarah, so he wrote this one for their 25th anniversary. And I’ll be darned if he didn’t perfectly sum up what long-term love and marriage is all about between two down-to-earth people. Maybe it’s because I know them, but it made me cry a lil’ bit. Dan says he’s “the least romantic person on the planet.” I think that’s arguable. Sincere, honest, real—that’s true romance right there.

“Here Goes.” Enjoy. (If this video won’t play for you, you can see it here.)

(Dan said this is a pretty rough rendition, but I think the raw recording just adds to the beauty of the song. That’s what real love is. Perfectly imperfect. :))

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