Thanksgiving Turkey Craft – Hand and Foot Prints

We made these turkeys in our homeschool preschool co-op today. Really quite simple, and the kids had a blast (especially having their feet painted).

You’ll need:
– Paper
– Washable paints (we used yellow, orange, red, and brown)
– Paintbrushes (we used those cheap sponge ones)
– Orange marker
– Googly eyes
– Beak and snood precut from colored paper
– Glue
– Tub of water and towel (to rinse foot)

1) Make turkey wings with handprints.
Starting with yellow, paint one hand and have them stamp three or four handprints in an arch toward the top of the paper. Then do the same thing with orange, printing three handprints slightly below the yellow ones. Repeat with two red handprints, slightly below the orange. Wash hands. (No need to rinse the hand in between colors.)

2) Make turkey body with footprint.
Have kids take off one shoe and sock. (Keep bin of water and towel nearby unless you feel like carrying kids to the sink to clean their feet.) Paint brown paint all over bottom of bare foot. Hold kid steady as they step onto the paper upside down, right in the middle of the red handprints. Rinse foot in water bin and dry off.

3) Wait.
Let paint dry. (Ours took a little over an hour. If you’re doing this with a class, do the painting part at the beginning of class and plan to do the rest toward the end.)

4) Add legs and face.
Have kid draw two legs with orange marker. Glue on googly eyes, snood, and beak (snood first, beak overlapping).

Voila! A sweet little Thanksgiving decoration with personality, and a memento of your little person’s feet and hand sizes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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