My Son Will Not Be a Rapist

I’m going to keep this short because it’s not a complicated concept. But it is unfortunately one we have to teach in a world where women’s bodies have historically been seen as men’s property or men’s prerogative to touch at will.

No matter what a girl is wearing (or not wearing), no matter what she’s had to drink, no matter how flirtatious you think she’s being—unless she gives you express permission to put your hands on her, you don’t. If she tells you to stop, stop immediately. If she can’t say anything, hands off.

You have zero license over someone else’s body. Without question. That’s the standard. End of story. Consent

P.S. Of course, I’m teaching my girls the same thing. And also teaching both my son and daughters that they have total license over their own bodies. If more parents taught these simple concepts, we’d go a long way toward stopping rape and sexual assault before it starts.

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  1. Oh yes! This is so true. It’s the key to the problem but unfortunately some still seem to ignore it. Unfortunately there are still fathers out there teaching their boys that they are superior and their girls that they have to shut up and do. All we can do, as you said, is teaching our children that it’s not okay. That as long as a person can not give consent you have no right to take what you want. Fantastic post.

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