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Rather than apologize for what has been a ridiculously long blogging hiatus, and rather than try to recap all the goings-on in our household in the past two (or has it been three?) months, I’m just going to jump right to the present. The here and now. This very moment. Starting fresh. No looking back. Ready, set, go.

I’m sitting on the couch, typing on the computer. (Duh.) Just before this I was checking out Pioneer Woman’s website, which I haven’t checked since before my last blog post. Good stuff there. She be funny. (Woops, that was the past—sticking with the present now.)
Havarti is alternating between eating popcorn and wrangling with BoyWonder, trying to keep the innocent babe from watching the violent scenes of “The Bourne Supremacy” (the third installment of our Bourne Movie Marathon this week). Havarti’s sister is wrangling her baby, Emani, in the Baby Bjorn. Bourne. Bjorn. Total coincidence.
My nieces, Kyrieh and Camille, are doing their homework on their Macbooks, which, incidentally, look exactly like my Macbook. We are lousy with Macbooks in this house.
My in-laws just got back from dropping off something tax-related to someone tax-related. That’s all the info I got.
Grandma is now taking BoyWonder to another room, perhaps to play. He’s got a thing for Grandma. Gives her all kinds of lovin’. It’s very sweet.
I wonder if people in the CIA or FBI are really as intense all the time as they are in the movies.
Every time Havarti makes popcorn, I say I’m not going to eat any. But I inevitably end up shoveling it into my face with embarrassing gusto anyway.
I have a drippy nose. I keep thinking it’s going to escalate into a full-fledged cold, but it’s just hovering at a drip. Not complaining. I’d rather have the drip than a full-fledged cold.
BoyWonder is SO close to walking. And he’ll be ONE in TWO WEEKS! I found him in the bathroom this morning unrolling the toilet paper roll. He’s gotten very fast with the crawling. Stealth little thing, too.
Dolittle has her first loose tooth. And she’s learning to read. And she still wants to be a horse. She’s also growing up a lot. Still a little snuggle buggle, though.
The Muse is a walking encyclopedia of dates, and has been checking out piles of books about the presidents from the library. This has resulted in presidential timeline trivia. Today is the day George Washington died 210 years ago. Grandma Judy and Benjamin Harrison have the same birthday. Stuff like that. She’s too funny. When she finds out that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, she’ll probably throw a party. Yes, she gets that excited about such things.
Little punks need to stop growing up so darned fast.
Going to bed soon.
Night night.

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