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Since I’ve been spewing my thoughts with such wild abandon lately, I thought it might be fun to do a little Q & A. So here’s an official invitation to ask any questions you wish of yours truly. Anything you want to know? Anything you’re mildly curious about? Any questions just dying to be answered?

Feel free to leave a question in the comments (you can do so anonymously, if you’re feeling shy), or email them to me at motherhoodandmore@gmail.com. Then I’ll put the questions and my answers in a separate post in a few days. (That is, if there are any questions to answer. If not, I may be forced to come up with my own lame questions, like “What three movies would you take with you to a desert island?” Then I’ll have to have some nerdy discussion with myself about how there wouldn’t be electricity on a desert island, and I’m not Ben Franklin or Thomas Edison, so the question would be moot. Don’t force that on me, I beg you.)

So get creative, lovely readers. Excepting the highly inappropriate, of course, I’ll write about whatever you ask. Trivial, deep, silly, or hypothetical – it’s all good. What do you want to know?

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Annie writes about life, motherhood, world issues, beautiful places, and anything else that tickles her brain. On good days, she enjoys juggling life with her husband and homeschooling her children. On bad days, she binges on chocolate chips and dreams of traveling the world alone.

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  1. Scott, as a mom whose 11-year-old son is just now getting into popular music, we have a rule. When he finds a song he likes, we look up the lyrics talk about it. As long as they’re not too graphic, he can have the song. It’s more about promoting awareness that the words to the song DO matter, catchy tune or not. For me, it’s all about the discussions we have about the song, more than whether or not he can have the song on his iPod. BTW, multiple interpretations of the lyrics is encouraged! -Leanne

  2. another one – a while back (it might have been in facebook) you were harping on about the lyrics of the Emimem/Rihanna song “love the way you lie”. Clearly the behaviour of the song’s protaganists is not something we should be aspiring to. However, when I read the lyrics, I was able to view the song as more of a cry for help instead of glorification of violence. I, personally, am yet to experience a desire to burn anyone in their bed, but I have experienced emotions in a relationship that I was not previously aware existed and that I found difficult to understand/control at times. Maybe the song is not all that bad? (plus, it has such a catchy tune)

  3. You are on. So, in large part due to your influence, I have been reading some on the Baha’i Faith (and visiting the odd temple). Other than the belief that Baha’u’llah was actually sent to us as God’s messenger, I am liking very much his teachings. One comment on your website caught my eye and I invite you to explain: “prefer all religionists before yourselves” is part of a quotation that you listed. Any idea what is meant by a “religionist”?

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