Puppies and Boys Who Drop Trou at the Beach

My kids have been begging us for a dog for years. Many looooonnng years, filled with begging, pleading, bargaining, and “We’re-not-having-this-discussion-for-the-150,000th-time”ing.

So whenever we get the chance to be around someone else’s dog, we take full advantage. My friend Burke recently became the proud papa of a Belgian Shepherd puppy named Loki. He’s nine weeks old, and just as sweet and soft as he looks.

Super cutie patootie. 
The kids had fun tossing a tennis ball for Loki to fetch (and chew). He caught on pretty quickly. Smart little whipper snapper.

Speaking of little whipper snappers, while I was photographing Loki, BoyWonder played at the edge of the water.

Woops. Got a little plumber action there, little buddy. Not the first time, nor the last.

Loki was a bit trepidatious about the lake. 

He sniffed the water suspiciously.

But a simple toss of the the tennis ball – or perhaps BoyWonder’s frolicking example – finally got him over it.

Awww, aren’t you a sweet, smart widdle puppykins.

While I continued shooting Loki and his doting daddy, BoyWonder tossed his beach findings (rocks, sticks, hypodermic needles, etc.) into the lake.

Losing his pants further and further in the process. We need to get that boy a belt, because I literally turned around for a second to shoot this sweet face . . .

 And turned back around to this . . .

Yup, those are his pants in the water. The boy totally dropped trou, then tossed them into the lake. I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Loki didn’t care that BoyWonder was half nekked. They bonded a bit.

We wore poor Loki out. Kind of like how the kids wore me out on the way home with their begging, pleading, bargaining, and “For-the-150,001st-time-we-are-not-getting-a-puppy”ing.

I have to admit, a face like this makes getting a puppy very tempting. Not tempting enough to actually get one. But tempting. 🙂

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  1. Glad I could help you out there, Cucch. 🙂

    Gabbi – The kids (and adults) would love that! I didn’t know you had two little pups. We must schedule a visit. Maybe we could come up for one of your virtues classes?

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