Poetry for Parents: Mom Haiku (Collection 1)

I used to write a lot of poetry. Only like two people have ever seen any of it. (For some reason I’m totally fine with sharing every detail of my breast size with the whole world, but am too shy to show people my poetry—whatevs.)

But lately, I’ve been having fun with haiku. If you don’t remember your third-grade poetry lessons, haiku is a Japanese form of poetry with three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven, and the third line has five.

It’s perfect poetry for busy moms to write, really. Short, concise, to the point. And the whole 5-7-5 thing makes you feel incredibly organized. It’s all kinds of awesome, I’ve decided.

Mom Haiku is My Thing. OH. YEAH. Check it out. Right off the top of my head:

I love mom haiku.
It makes me feel so happy,
I could pee my pants.
See? It just flows right out of me. I’m like a haiku fountain. (I did live in Japan many moons ago. So, you know. That explains it all.)

I know not all of you are on Facebook as much as I am (WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??? Just kidding. Sort of.) so you may not have seen these. And I think there are one or two poems here that I haven’t shared, for those of you who are on Facebook as much as I am. (WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?? Just kidding. Sort of.)

Gosh, you really can’t win when it comes to Facebook, can you?

Anyhoo, enjoy! Or, as they say in Japan, itadakimasu!!

(That’s what the Japanese say before a meal. It’s like bon appetit, basically. It’s not the least bit fitting for this situation, but I don’t remember enough Japanese to say, “I hope you enjoy this haiku I wrote for you.”)

So, itadakimasu!!

🙂 Annie

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  1. I found your site through your post about whether Baha’is celebrate Christmas, and decided to poke around. I love the whole site. Also, Haiku!!! About 3 years ago I was really spacing out on the Seven Valleys and getting all kinds of mystical thoughts which seemed to express themselves in Haiku form, so I started a Facebook page called “Bahaiku”. Check it out and click Like if you, well, like it.

    Serge van Neck
    Mesa, AZ

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