Oregon Coast – Where Trees Meet Seas

We’ve been here on the Oregon Coast for a week and a half now, and every time we drive anywhere, the same thought keeps going through my mind:

My Lord, that’s a lot of trees.
Seriously, I think Oregon is hoarding trees from the rest of the country. They’re hogging them, big time. Share the wealth, man. Everywhere you look, this is what you see.
Even when you’re standing on the beach, staring out at the ocean, if you turn around and look behind you, this is what you see. It’s not just a few trees, or even a lot of trees. The hills are plastered with them. You can drive for hours, and pass mountain after mountain of dense, thick forest (with the occasional clear-cutting bald spots – sad). It’s like an ocean of trees. 
I’m not complaining, at all. I love it. I’m a big fan of green. It’s just mind-boggling how many trees there are. 
And we’ve been enjoying them thoroughly. The Japanese have a health practice called shinrinyoku, or “forest bathing.” They’ve done studies that show how taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest results in all kinds of physical and emotional health benefits. I can totally see it. It’s magical.

And then there’s the ocean, which I’ve always found incredibly soothing and healing. Standing at the edge of something so vast and fathomless, so powerful, yet peaceful, is just . . . I don’t know. Nothing seems overwhelming at the ocean. It’s like your mind can’t fully take in the awesomeness of what it’s seeing, so it just lets go of everything. I can breathe – really, truly breathe deeply – at the ocean. 

I’ve taken some morning runs at the beach, barefoot, which I highly recommend. For some reason, the mornings here have been sunnier and less breezy than later in the day, so morning has been a nice time to be at the beach. There’s nothing better than running barefoot along the shore. When the waves creep up and kiss my toes, it fills me with so much pure joy, I feel like a little kid. Giddy and light and blessed.
So the Oregon Coast’s blend of forest and ocean has been delightful (if a bit on the chilly side). 
I’ll share more about our travels and where we’re staying and such soon, but here are some photos highlighting the beauty we’ve experienced so far in Oregon, so I don’t get too backlogged. Enjoy. 🙂



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  1. Hahaha, “Oregon is hoarding trees from the rest of the country” I think the mass amount of trees and ocean is what motivated me to move to Portland. Glad you’re enjoying it here

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