Operation Liberation

Today at 12:30 I pulled up in front of my friend P-Diddles’ apartment. She met me at the car, suitcase and laptop in tow, and we pulled away for our very first grown-up mommy sleepover.

Operation Liberation has officially commenced.

Tonight will be my first full night away from BoyWonder. It’s time. He’ll be in good hands with Havarti, and I’m looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep.

So far, Operation Liberation has not gone exactly as planned. We went to a lovely lunch of udon and maki at a Japanese restaurant. But the waitress didn’t speak much English and didn’t realize that we had both ordered the udon. So she only brought one. A minor annoyance, and an easy fix.

However, a major annoyance without a fix is that the chick flick I was SOOO looking forward to seeing with P-Diddles today stopped running yesterday. At all theaters in Chicagoland. Every last one. How is that even possible? There are no other movies we’re interested in enough to pay to see, so we’ve adjusted our plan and will just rent one tonight. Maybe “The Switch.” I saw it last week and thought it was quite funny. Wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

We spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find a locally owned coffee shop where we could sit and write, preferably one with chocolate and cake, and then finally decided on a Caribou Coffee in a lovely little downtown area. So that’s where we are now for the next couple of hours. I’ve got my Turtle Mocha (complete with Snickers crumbles on the top) and P-Diddles has her boring plain latte, and with our matching Macbooks we’re soaking up our “me time.”

So nice to have friends who don’t mind if you sit at the same table and totally ignore them while you write.

I’m guessing tonight I’ll probably stay up way too late 1) because it’s going to be weird to sleep without Havarti or any of the kids, and 2) because Operation Liberation is only a 24-hour excursion and I want to make the most of it.

So this is what it feels like to sit down and write without anyone needing anything.

Weird. And lovely. 🙂

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