Nine-Pointed Star Unity Wreath Craft

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t post more crafty things to Motherhood and More. Then I do a craft and remember why. We’re always out of tape. And crafts are not all that much fun to write about, quite frankly. It’s much more fun to make up parental mental illnesses or get deep about my racism

But I think this craft is pretty cool, and not just because I made it up. It’s fairly simple, it doesn’t take any fancy supplies, and as long as you have good quality tape, it won’t cause too much gray hair.

I’m calling it a “unity wreath” because it’s a 9-pointed star, which is frequently used as a symbol of the Bahá’í Faith. Unity is kind of our thing. Also, Bahá’ís have a holiday called Ayyám-i-Há coming up at the end of February, which is a time set aside for festivity, charity, gift-giving, and fellowship. I think this wreath would be a pretty cool Ayyám-i-Há decoration.

(If you’re not a Bahá’í, and the idea of a religious symbol that isn’t your own freaks you out, no worries. You can always adjust the spacing to use eight points instead of nine, or just ignore the symbolism altogether. We’re all friends here. :))

Here’s what you need:

  • One 8-inch circle of cardboard (I cut mine out of the side of a box)
  • Ten 8.5-inch squares of cardstock (I cut 2.5 inches off the ends of 8.5 x 11 pieces)
  • String for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Tape (Good tape, not bargain-store tape like I had on hand.)
  • Glue

Cut out the 8-inch circle of cardboard, then use your scissors to poke a hole through it about 3/4 of an inch from the edge. Poke string through and tie.

Next, trace the cardboard circle onto a piece of cardstock. (This will be the star in the center of the wreath, so choose your color accordingly.)

Cut out the cardstock circle and glue onto the cardboard circle. It should look like this:

Now the trickiest part. You’re going to make a cone with each of the remaining nine squares. It takes a little wrangling, and perhaps a bit of swearing. This is where the good tape comes in.

One corner becomes the “point” of the cone, with two corners wrapping over each other in a cozy paper “hug.” It’s easier if you just see it:

Don’t freak out if it isn’t perfect. Just finesse it until you get a decent point at the end. It helps to have the tape already stuck to the edge of the paper before you wrap it. Good tape, not cheap tape.

The width of the cone opening should be around 2.5 inches or so. I didn’t measure it. I’m very Type B, people. As long as the cones are all the same, and not too wide-mouthed, you’ll be fine.

Lay the cones on top of the circle, evenly spaced around the edge, to gauge where to glue them. This will likely frustrate you. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect. At this point, you’re just getting a general idea for where to start gluing.

And this is what happens if you use cheap tape:

Come to think of it, double-sided tape would be awesome for this. But good tape works. I’ve made these cones with good tape before, and they don’t pop open like that.

Once you have the placement, start gluing the mouths of the cones to the circle. You might wonder if they’ll stay once it hangs, but they will. No worries. I used a glue stick, and they stayed. Just work quickly so that you can readjust the cone placement as needed while the glue is still wet.

Let dry, then hang. This photo gives you an idea of how large the finished product is on a normal sized door:

That’s it! Happy crafting, folks!

(And may your tape be super sticky.) 🙂

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  1. This was ridiculously hard to arrange the cones on the circle. I gave up after many tries. So discouraging. Would have been nice to have a 9-pointed star template to place the cones on before gluing. I am a very artsy-craftsy person and found this one so thoroughly frustrating and was disappointed I couldn’t do it. Epic fail for me.

  2. I can hear YOU in the way you write. I LOVE that! Thank you for this sweet nine point star. I’m on it!!
    Warmest wishes to you…

  3. DearAnnie, What a coincident. I am glad to find you again. I love your creative idea and the clear instruction you have shared.
    We will be celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha at our public school Empowerment location with the students and parents. This would be such a beautiful idea to emulate with prayers coming your way. I hope to see more from you.

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