My In-Laws’ Magical Deck

We move in less than two weeks. I got a lot of packing done this weekend, so I’m feeling a bit rockstar-ish.

One of the things I’ll miss about living with my in-laws is their awesome back deck. We’ve had many great family dinners out there during the approximately six weeks a year when there’s no snow and no mosquitos in Chicagoland.

This spring, they got a new awning/canopy thingamajig (I never know what you call those things). It provides some fantastic shade, which is much appreciated by the pasty white members of our family.

We had a great BBQ out there for Mother’s Day.

Tell me those suckers don’t make your mouth water.

Even better when your man throws them on the grill, all caveman-like. Arrrr. Me skewer vegetable. Arrrr. Me grill meat. (Thump chest.)

We like to get all ethnic with our BBQ. This Persian rice was to DIE for.

As were the lime-juice marinated chicken kabobs. I’m guessing cavemen probably didn’t sprinkle lime juice over their meat. Thank God for evolution.

Then, the other day, the girls set up a nail salon outside with some friends.

The Muse is a sign-making maniac.

 The Muse was on pedicure duty. Dolittle got her little sausage toes all done up.

The Muse had gotten her nails done professionally with Grandma and her cousin last weekend. Hence the idea for the Cute Little Nails Salon.

 The Muse’s friend was on manicure duty.

She’d apparently had her nails done recently as well. Fancy.

And then, this afternoon, we had a little visitor. I had just sat down to start blogging, and a movement caught my eye outside. 
Well, hello, Mr. Racoon Who Lives Under the Porch!

He just popped up and started staring at me.

I tried to stay unthreatening as I ran to grab my camera.

 He apparently didn’t fell too threatened, since he sat down and started scratching himself.

He loves the deck, too. He’s been living under it for years and years, and occasionally shows up to say hello. We’ll miss you, Mr. Raccoon! 

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