My Favorite Things: Citiblocs

Just before Christmas, Costco was clearing out their toy section, and I (being the Bargain Shopper that I am) pounced. This big box of simple wooden blocks was only $6.97.

I’d never heard of Citiblocs, but the structures they showed on the box looked cool enough to try it out for a mere $7. (I later found out that this same set sells for $59.99 on Amazon. KA-CHING!)

When I got home and opened it up, I realized it was 300 of the exact same blocks that look like this:

Huh. The pictures on the box made it look like there were so many different kinds. But once I looked at the instructions, I realized the simple beauty of it. The things you can make with these things are awesome. Today, the girls hauled it out and spent a good hour and a half being little engineers and architects.

Pretty spiffy, eh?

The set included some red blocks, too. Apparently here the girls are adding a jungle gym to their building.

Then The Muse decided she wanted to create the Parthenon. After a few failed experiments, here’s what she came up with:

Needless to say, it was a challenge keeping BoyWonder away from the girls’ creations. It’s cruel, really, to build such deliciously destructible towers in front of a 2-yr-old boy.

These are my favorite kinds of toys. They last forever, have endless possibilities, require creative thinking and spatial reasoning, and they’re educational without seeming “educational” to the kids. I give them a 10.

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  1. They had these at the Arizona Science Center. If I’d known what they were called, I would have bought them in a heartbeat. They’re awesome!

    BTW, love the Dawnbreakers in the background!

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