My Favorite Mother’s Day Card

Started off Mother’s Day at my in-laws’ for breakfast. Always a treat.

Then we went to Red Mango and enjoyed a stroll on the Naperville riverwalk.

Then I got some work done while the moppets played outside, trying to catch a baby rabbit whose mother appears to be nowhere around. (They’ve been trying to catch this baby for days. I almost had it once.)

Then we went for a gorgeous family walk in today’s ridiculously perfect weather.

Then, as lame as it may sound, I enjoyed a solo trip to Target. I think I’ve done that every Mother’s Day. It’s my thing.

Then when I got home, The Muse handed me this card she made:

In the middle there’s a picture of a chocolate bar and some chocolate covered cherries. And it reads:

If there’s ANYTHING sweeter or more pleasant (awesome, magnificent, heavenly, etc.) on this day (and every other day, of course) than this right here . . . 

It’s YOU! 

(The “It’s YOU!” part is what it says on the inside. I’d show you, but my stupid computer won’t load any photos other than the one above.)

How cool is that? Personalized with chocolate just for me. 🙂

Also on the inside was written this lovely note:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being such a great mom for the past 11 years. Your love an affection is very important.

You don’t know how much we all love you and how important and awesome you are to have in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 

Love ya!

And they all signed it. Even our three rats. (Yes, we have three now – another story for another time.)

I love homemade cards. And my kids make fantabulous ones.

Hope all you mamas out there had a happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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  1. You are the example she has learned from. That makes it especially special.

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