My Baby Killed My Baby

I have some tragic news. My beloved DSLR camera, the one I’ve become a bit obsessed with over the past year, is dead. Or rather, it’s been killed by one of my sweet moppets.

Havarti and I were installing a new ceiling fan in our bedroom last week, and BoyWonder and Dolittle were hanging out downstairs while we did it. Normally this would be fine – we’ve had very few issues with BoyWonder getting into things or hurting himself. He seems to be naturally quite cautious. He occasionally goes a little wild with the bathroom hand soap (he likes to put it in his hair like hair gel), but that’s an easy clean-up. With Dolittle there in case of emergency, we figured all would be fine.

After a bit, we heard BoyWonder crying, and Dolittle called upstairs that he had gotten soap in his eyes. OK, I figured – he did his normal soapy hair gel thing, so I came downstairs and flushed his eyes out and got him all cleaned up. No biggie.

Half hour later, Havarti went into the laundry room. And there, sitting on the floor, was the bottle of hand soap from the bathroom. And next to it was my beautiful camera, taken down from the coat hook it had been hanging from and out of its protective case, with liquid hand soap smeared all over it.


What in the name of all that is good and holy was that kid thinking?? I’ll probably never know. It’s actually ironic that this happened when I had it put away in its case and hanging up. I frequently leave it sitting on the counter out of its case, or in its case lying someplace within easy reach. At least I can’t blame myself for being careless with it in this situation. And I can’t really be mad at BoyWonder, since he’s really too young to know better (as evidenced by his big innocent grin and “Yeah!!!” response when I asked him if he had put soap on Mommy’s camera).

Being the optimist that I am, I thought maybe it would be OK if we let it dry out. I took it all apart and tried to wipe as much of the soap off as I could. But being a realist as well, and knowing how sensitive the innards of those cameras are, I had a feeling that wouldn’t work. I asked a photographer friend about it, and she said that we can take it to a camera shop if we can find one that will do a free assessment, but if the soap got into any of the electronics or sensitive parts of the camera, it may cost more to fix it than to buy a new one.


So, all my pretty pictures . . . done for now. Sad sad sad.

Now I’m going to have to actually write on my blog. Posting photos was so much fun. But maybe this will force me to flex some writing muscles. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I have been taking a lot of photos over the past month, so I still have a stock to pull from. Like this one, of the tiny perpetrator all dressed up at a birthday party. He looks so innocent doesn’t he?

*Sigh* Time to start saving for a new baby camera.

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  1. Kids have such strange reasons for doing things. I remember Tim pulling off the paper decorations on his wooden toys. I couldn’t figure it out. When he was older, he explained that he wanted to see more of what was inside. To an adult we see it as a one dimensional rendering but to a child trying to look behind it (by tearing of course) it might seem like opening a door. Totally a “who nose?”

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