Last Minute Surprises for Your Valentine

Last Minute Surprises for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching—it’s less than two weeks away!—and if you’re currently in panic mode about how to make your sweetheart feel special on this momentous occasion, you’re not alone. If you’re trying to put together a Valentine’s Day celebration at the last minute, use these tips and tricks and pull off a day like you never imagined you’d be able to.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

You might think flowers are cliché, but I’ve never met a man or woman who didn’t appreciate the sentiment of receiving a beautiful bouquet or refined plant. Instead of running out and grabbing the picked over selections from your local grocery store, order same-day flower delivery on Valentine’s Day that will bring your sweetheart only the freshest of blooms. Guys, if you’re reading this, I guarantee you you’re going to look debonair when a dozen perfectly red roses show up at her door. Ladies, don’t think that guys don’t appreciate the gift of flowers. I’ve known many a friend that have sent their husbands flowers on Valentine’s Day. It’s the sentiment that counts, and he deserves to feel your love just as much.

Love Notes

This one is a budget-friendly option that speaks volumes, and you can whip these up in a half hour or less. Before your honey heads out for work, slip love notes into their clothing, bag, or briefcase. Little things like “I love you more than you know” and “I couldn’t imagine life without you” truly say everything and more when it comes to romance. Imagine the smile on their face when they discover one of these notes in their lunch bag, or slipped into the sole of their shoe. This gift idea will definitely make any long work day fly by, and set the mood for an evening of romance when they get home.

A Surprise Ticket

If your sweetheart loves concerts, then you’re guaranteed to find the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day surprise. You might think it’s too late to find tickets for said event, but Stubhub is here to rescue the day. This ticket resale website is rife with folks trying to get rid of tickets to shows they can no longer attend, and sometimes you can find great deals on shows you never thought you’d be able to see. Make sure you find an event that he or she is sure to love, and wrap up the tickets in a box for a surprise they’ll never see coming. If you really want to shock them, don’t give them the tickets; rather, have them dress up for the date and drive them to the venue. Once they get a glimpse of the marquee, they’ll be astonished at your ability to surprise them even after all this time.

Cook an Awesome Dinner

So you may have forgotten to get those reservations at that swanky restaurant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a meal fit for royalty. Head to the grocery store and stock up on the ingredients for all of his or her favorite meals, and get to work in the kitchen. You can light candles on the table, play some soft music in the background (Frank Sinatra is always a good romance go-to Pandora station—splurge for the premium membership so you don’t have to listen to mood-bursting commercials), and wine and dine them in the comfort of your own home—don’t forget dessert! It definitely beats fighting Valentine’s Day traffic and sitting in crowded restaurants waiting to order. If you’re not a chef in the slightest, you can always order out, but be aware that some restaurants may not offer delivery or take-out orders on such a busy occasion.

Create Some Coupons of Your Own

Gift cards can come across as cold, but ones you make on your own definitely won’t. Even if you only have hours to spare, this gift is heartfelt and can be hilarious depending on which way you decide to take it. Grab some construction paper and colored pencils and get to creating coupons that your sweetheart can cash in over upcoming weeks. You can offer an hour massage or promise to rub their feet for some practical ideas that they’re sure to love, or if you want to get a bit silly, you can give them a coupon for one love song serenade that will have their heart warming and their belly laughing.

Pull off a wonderful Valentine’s Day date in no time with these awesome ideas and make sure your sweetheart feels appreciate on the holiday of love.

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