International Festival

Today we were feeling rather global, so we went over to the annual International Festival at the local college. It was not quite as international as I had hoped (a little Eastern Europe and Asia heavy, no African representation at all) but it was still interesting.

The best part was the clothing. I love traditional garb, no matter where it’s from.

There were some incredibly cute kids in breathtaking costumes.

No matter where they’re from, all girls love a twirly skirt.

Makes me wish my kids had some clear cut ethnicity so we could dress them up in gorgeous outfits and teach them to twirl around in them.

Look at those headdresses. And check out these boots.

Super spiffy.

This lady was warming up for her big dance number.

The college’s German club. (Snort.) The plastic hats looked a little lame next to the 100 year-old  hand-embroidered, hand-woven-with-handmade-thread outfits that we’d just seen at the Slovakia booth.

These were cool hand-carved spoons and such from Guatemala. People make them out of already fallen wood, so they don’t cut down any trees.

These gorgeous sketch pads are made out of banana leaves. They also had some notebooks made out of elephant dung, but I didn’t get a picture of those. (Dang!)

Naturally, we had to get some chocolate while we were there. It was goooood.

A really cool Mahjong game at the China booth.

Dolittle showed off her chopsticks skills to win a gummy bear and a pencil.

The Polish booth was very colorful. We bought each of the girls one of these wooden eggs, handpainted from Poland. Only $2.50 each.

The Children’s Museum had an exhibit where the kids spent a good chunk of time.

Dolittle made herself a horse, naturally. (She dressed herself, by the way.)

She also got a horse painted on her face.

And The Muse got what I believe was supposed to be a monkey.

The India booth had cool henna tattoos. Unfortunately, the line was too long so we didn’t get one.

But the girls did each get a bindi, which was lovely.

Fun day. Wished there would have been more food. They also had some language immersion rooms where they only spoke Spanish or German or Arabic or Japanese (and I think four or five other languages). But you had to sign up for those ahead of time, so we missed out. The girls had a good time nonetheless, watching the dancing and getting candy from all the booths. And I got my fill of traditional garb and cute kids twirling in them. 🙂

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  1. that looks so fun! thats hilarious that she made a horse- not that im surprised, but she also made the same thing at the childrens museum!

  2. That’s so cool! In the one picture of Dolittle with the horse, I had to do a double-take. I thought it was the Muse at first.

    Sunds like a wonderful educational experience.

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