How We Spent the Third Day of School

One of the advantages of homeschooling is that when the perfect late summer beach day hits, you can ditch the books for the day and fully enjoy nature’s bounty. Today was the perfect beach day. Around 80 degrees, a light breeze, great waves. Perfect. 

I love watching kids just sit and smooth their fingers through the wet sand.

Or throw it into a bucket.

Or make sand creations after rolling around in it until it’s all through their hair and embedded in every crease and crevice of their body, so that there’s no possible way to get it all out. (Dolittle’s specialty.)

Running from the waves is neverending fun when you’re two.

And no matter what age you are, something about the beach makes you contemplative. It’s a great place to think.

And reflect.

Pruney feet + tiny toes + warm, wet sand = pure joy. 
No regrets about skipping school today. What they learned is that you’ve got to grab a perfect day and run with it. Not a bad lesson, I think.

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