Horses, Holy Days, Tulips, and Nose Kisses

We’ve been busy these past few weeks. Not only have we found a house and started to get ready to move in June, but we’ve had some actual fun as well.

See? Fun.
 Dolittle took a round of horseback riding lessons, and we all visited the horses.
Horses are beautiful. And very big.
 We celebrated Ridvan at our Baha’i Sunday School. Here we were herding cats getting the kids ready to rehearse their song.
 The organizers of the event did a great job. Here they created the Tigris River, which Baha’u’llah crossed to enter the Ridvan Garden.
 They made cardboard box “boats” with cardboard oars, and the kids “sailed” across the river. So clever.
 Then they made a 9-pointed star craft. Glitter is much much better to use outside than inside, as anyone who has ever tried to sweep up glitter can attest.
There was actually a lot more to the celebration, with clues for the kids to find, storytelling, music and such. But since I didn’t get pics of most of that, I’d like to point out the kid in orange here sitting by The Muse. This is probably THE nicest kid I’ve ever met. He’s kind to everyone, courteous to young and old, spontaneously helpful, and has awesome parents. I wouldn’t be sad if The Muse nabbed that one when she’s a little older. Just sayin’. 
Dolittle got a little ride during clean-up. I think that was the highlight of her day. 🙂

 We also went to the Botanic Gardens for my friend P-Diddle’s daughter’s birthday. Look at those tulips. Don’t you just want to bathe in them?

I just love this picture of BoyWonder and The Muse. Sweet siblinghood.
 The Botanic Gardens is a magical place. We even ran into a couple who had literally just gotten engaged. I would have taken their picture, but BoyWonder was uncharacteristically clingy that day, so the camera got a little neglected. Oh well.

I’m glad I got to capture those tulips, though. Yummy.
 On a not-so-fun note, I have had a ridiculous time trying to battle thrush. Apparently I have a very resistant strain. Gentian Violet is supposed to be a great cure for thrush, applied topically. Wonder why they call it Gentian Violet?
Oh, that’s why. Yeah, you should make sure the lid is all the way on the bottle when you leave it on the bathroom counter. Otherwise you might hear, “MOM, COME QUICK!” and be greeted with a giant purple puddle that take 20 minutes of elbow grease, rubbing alcohol, and two very stained hands to clean up. This is what my hands looked like after scrubbing them with soap and water. You can imagine what my bubbies looked like. (Nevermind, please don’t imagine what my bubbies look like. Stop it. Stop it right now! Imagine something else, quick. Umm…capuchin monkeys wearing feather boas. And fedoras. And roller skates. Eating giant rainbow lollipops. There you go. Whew!)
 And back on a fun note, BoyWonder gets a huge kick out of rubbing noses.
Lots of giggles and snuggles.
The boy can’t get enough.
Not that any of us mind that much. 🙂 Aren’t they sweet?

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