Dolittle’s Backyard Birthday Bash

Last month we celebrated Dolittle’s seventh birthday. (Sniff.) She had originally asked for a very specific unicorn cake, which I was going to make (I took cake decorating lessons when The Muse was a baby – I gots skills), but she saw this rainbow cake at Costco the night before, and I was more than happy to plop down $15 to avoid the extra work.

That also made the decorating nice and simple. Rainbows. Much easier than unicorns.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we took a dip at the beach followed by a little backyard firepit marshmallow roast.

The view from the backyard of our new place is pretty stellar, I must say. In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve had lots of fun with friends and family. And marshmallows.

Funny story about this picture. Her mom (my friend P-Diddles) had just said to her, “I thought you went inside to wash your face,” and she very seriously responded, “I did!” Kids apparently don’t see melted marshmallow smears as “dirty.”

Those two boys in the middle are my nephews. They’re brothers. And the dashing young man on the right is a close family friend and brother of the two girls in the pictures above (P-Diddles’ moppets).

 Aw, The Muse’s cousin is so affectionate.

Oh, wait. That’s not affection.

Fight back, baby!

She’s got the dramatic thing down.

No worries. Big brother stepped in to even the score.

And then some.

Don’t worry. He was laughing through all of this. All in good fun.

This is my sister-in-law and niece (the boys’ mom and sister). They’re gorgeous. Like seriously stunning. I married into a ridiculously good-looking family.

Summer birthdays are so much fun. I was born in February – the ugliest month of the year in the northern U.S. – so having kids with summer birthdays is a great blessing.

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