Dolittle and The Cuz

We spent last weekend at Havarti’s parents’ house, visiting with the second wave of family to come into town.

My nephew (whom I shall refer to as “The Cuz”) was among them. The Cuz is 7, just a few months younger than Dolittle. Since toddlerhood, these two loving cousins have had a relationship that flips from ardent adoration to absolute agitation with mind-boggling frequency. The Cuz can pester Dolittle into fits of frustration faster than anyone. Turning the lights off on her in the basement, not sharing toys, telling her that her imaginary dinosaur isn’t as powerful as his imaginary dinosaur, that sort of thing. And Dolittle plays right into it, squealing and screaming and wailing about over the horrible injustices The Cuz has inflicted upon her. It’s like a 7-yr-old soap opera every time they’re together.
But since The Cuz moved to California last year, Dolittle’s been missing him. And he’s been missing her. My brother-in-law said The Cuz couldn’t sleep the two nights before their arrival this weekend. And Dolittle kept asking every twenty minutes when The Cuz was coming.
So Havarti’s parents took Dolittle to the airport with them to pick up The Cuz and my nieces. I wish I could have been there. Havarti’s mom said it was like no one else in the airport existed, The Cuz and Dolittle were so overjoyed in their reunion. 
Then apparently, on the way home in the car, Dolittle gave The Cuz a sweet little preemptive speech (as overheard by my niece):
“Cuz, I really love that you’re my cousin. And I’m really really happy and excited that you’re visiting. But this year, do you think you could please try not to annoy me so much?”
To which The Cuz shrugged and replied, “Okay.” 
And that was that. If only all relationships were so simple. 🙂 
Dolittle and The Cuz getting their Halloween on last year.

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