Death Warmed Over

Two weeks. That’s how long this stupid cold that I can’t shut up about has lasted. Supposedly, that’s normal for a cold, but I don’t remember having colds that lasted this long.

After two weeks of sniffling, sneezing, slooshing out your sinuses with saltwater, and sacrificing sleep, you sort of feel like this:

Death warmed over. With fangs.

And sometimes you feel like this:

Death warmed over mixed with, “Are you freaking KIDDING me with this???”

I promise, this will be last post about my cold. Watching all this footage of Japan is making me exceedingly thankful that our house and car are sitting on firm ground and that our loved ones are safe and sound. My misery is miniscule in the bigger picture.

On a bit happier note, you may have noticed my new pretty buttons over here ——>
I now have a Motherhood and More Facebook page. Very exciting! If you “like” me, I’ll love you forever. Promise. Just click on that big ol’ blue “f” and it’ll take you right to it.

Off to bed. Maybe I can lose the fangs tomorrow.

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