Death and Life on the Front Porch

I mentioned a few posts ago that I have a bit of a black thumb. For someone who truly loves plants, it’s shocking how many of them I’ve killed. 

I’m not proud of it.

I was about to give up on these hanging planters a couple of weeks ago when I noticed that a dove was sitting in one of them most of the day.

After a few days of seeing her there every time I passed, I figured she had taken advantage of my dying planter and made a nest in it. I kept waiting for her to fly off, but she was a diligent and steadfast mother. I could get right up to the planter, and she’d just sit there staring at me.

Then finally, one day, she was gone. So I crept up to the planter, and this is what I found.

I know. Awwww, right?
She sat on them most of the time, but the lady had to eat, so occasionally I’d note her absence and go out to peek at her babes. 

They grew insanely fast.

And she still sat on them, even when they got too big to sit on completely. A couple of days ago it was quite windy and chilly, and she sat on their heads with their butts sticking out the other side. Such a good mama. 
I took this picture yesterday. Still sitting on them, despite their being almost as big as she is.
Then, this morning, we noticed that the planter was empty. We went out to the porch, and one of the kids spied this:
One of the young doves in the tree just off the front porch. We didn’t see the other one, but there were birds flying all over the place, so I’m sure it was out there.
They just grow up so fast. 🙂

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  1. Sorry, those are some kind of ugly babies. LOL

    I think it’s neat that you posted this on September 11th though. Did you know the ancient Celts thought the cooing of the dove marked the passing of a soul from earth in peace?

    There’s more where that came from. I’m pretty deep. 🙂

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