Cocoa Confessions

A few months back, I mentioned my commitment to buying fair trade chocolate.

Trader Joe’s sells these awesome dark chocolate bars, and though they are a bit pricey compared to, say, a Hershey bar, they’re cheap from a fair trade standpoint ($1.99 a bar, in case you’re wondering – they’re bigger than a Hershey bar by probably 30%-40%, so it’s really not that outrageous, especially since $4.00/bar is a pretty standard price for fair trade chocolate bars).

So I’ve been sustaining my chocolate bloodstream with these babies for a while now. I do eat other chocolate if it’s given to me, but as far as actually purchasing it myself, I’ve stuck to fair trade only.

Or at least I had until the Cella’s arrived at Target.

Some temptations are too overpowering to fight.

My mom and I have been eating Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries ever since I can remember. I’ve only ever found the dark chocolate ones at Christmas time. Man, are they heavenly. They don’t have that white goopy stuff that most chocolate-covered cherries have. Not a big fan of the white goopy stuff. Too sugary sweet and it coats your throat in an all-consuming sort of way.

So I’ve broken my fair trade pledge for this one treat. Hypocritical, I fully admit. Maybe to make myself feel better I should at least write a letter to the Tootsie company expressing my concern about the cocoa industry.

Then again, fair trade Cella’s might be too beautiful and perfect a thing to be allowed.

Speaking of holiday indulgences, my sister-in-law who lives in Australia and insists on making at least two desserts a day when she visits (including Rocky Road fudge, which I can pretty much inhale by the pound) will be staying with us for two weeks starting on Monday. And after that we’ll be spending a week at Havarti’s folks’ with my baking goddess mother-in-law and twin 20-year-old nieces who are in culinary school. I repeat: CULINARY SCHOOL.

There’s no hope for these hips in the next month.

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  1. This chocolate thing goes sooooo far back in the family. I remember going with my Mom and Grandmothers to get See’s chocolates when I was very small. I think it must be a dominant “C” gene.

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