Cacao Diem “See’s the Day”

Sometimes don’t you wish you could go back to the olden days? The time before cell phones, Twitter, Jersey Shore, and weapons of mass destruction? The good ol’ days when people savored the simple things in life?

Like the days when Mary See spent hours perfecting her chocolate recipes. Or the day in November of 1921 when the See family opened their first See’s Candies shop in Los Angeles. (I know, enough already. It’s been a long day – let me have my fun.)

I’d like to revisit the fateful day when this little morsel of nirvana was invented. This is it, folks. The one and only. The Godfather of confections. The archangel of the chocolate heavens. 
The See’s Dark Bordeaux. It’s just. So. Beautiful.

If you were to ask me my favorite taste in the world, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between butter, brown sugar, and chocolate.

Or brown sugar and chocolate combined. (Heaven help me.)

Or butter and brown sugar combined. (Lord, have mercy!)

Or – the sum of all things good and holy – are you ready for it?

Butter, brown sugar, and chocolate all rolled into one. (Can I get a Praise the Lord! and a Hallelujah!!) 

Seriously, thank God for creating cacao beans, sugar cane, and cows. Those three simple ingredients are what make the See’s Dark Bordeaux the ultimate candy. Plus it’s got cute chocolate sprinkles.

It’s just so pretty.

My dad sent me a whole box of these beauties yesterday. One pound. Twenty-one chocolates. Just a week after I polished off the assorted one-pound box Havarti got me for Valentine’s Day. I’m one blessed Mama, with the sugar high to prove it.

So let’s just forget all that stuff about days gone by. This day here is pretty darn tootin’.

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