Angelina Breastfeeding

I generally don’t discuss things like celebrity gossip and magazine covers, since I think it’s a bit ridiculous that we all spend so much time on such things. But today I saw a headline about Angelina Jolie on the cover of US Weekly, breastfeeding her baby and how it was “causing a stir.” I thought I’d see what the hubub was about. Have you seen that cover???

My God, you can hardly even tell she’s breastfeeding!! THAT caused a stir? Come on. Are we really that freaked out by how babies are fed? She shows more breast than that on the flim-flamming red carpet, for crying out loud! It’s all fine and dandy to show all kinds of breastage to look “sexy” but it’s all of a sudden offensive if you’re feeding a hungry baby? 
It’s a really sweet photo, I thought. That little baby hand – awwww. And it was tasteful and modest. I don’t get how someone could find that particular photo offensive or inappropriate when compared to the highly sexualized images on the covers of other dozen or so magazines at the check-out counter. 
*Sigh* OK, I feel better. Thanks for putting up with my rant. 

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  1. You are so funny! But sadly correct. Angelina’s breasts have starred on the front cover of dozens of magazines, but attach a baby to one of them and WATCH OUT! Freak alert!

    How dare one of our most popular sex symbols pollute our perception of her with MOTHERLY images! Everyone knows “mom” and “sex” don’t go together! (Let’s ignore for a minute that that’s how she became a mother in the first place.)

    Oops, sorry! This was your rant, wasn’t it?

  2. I had the exact same reaction. It is so funny at work sometimes when women (who have tattoos even in places we don’t want to talk about) give the baby a bottle “because they have company” in the room. There was even a mom who had had her breasts “augmented” and she had a show-off shirt on and she was statedly “too shy” to do it in front of others.
    Natural has become unnatural and vice versa.

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