10 Reasons to Adore 4-Year-Olds

1. They’re old enough to know about places like New York, but young enough to still repeatedly call it “Yew Nork.”

2. They’re old enough to not need you for sucky things like going to the bathroom, but still young enough to need you for sweet things like removing monsters from their closet with your indomitable Mommy Superpowers.

3. They’re old enough to ask interesting questions about how the world works, but still young enough not to ask the really difficult questions about how the world works.

4. They’re old enough to “help” you cook by stirring something in a bowl, but still young enough to be perfectly satisfied “helping” by just stirring something in a bowl.

5. They’re old enough to speak their mind when they’re unhappy with you, but still young enough for it to be cute when they do.

6. They’re old enough to walk fairly long distances without a stroller, but still young enough to have that adorable, toddler-like gait when they run ahead of you.

7. They’re old enough to sleep all night on their own, but still young enough that they need lots of snuggles when they wake up.

8. They’re old enough to wonder how babies get into women’s bellies, but still young enough to be satisfied with a non-technical answer.

9. They’re old enough to pee by themselves, but still young enough to say things like “There should be a trophy for peeing!” when they aim well.

10. They’re old enough to see the differences between people, but still young enough not to let differences make a difference in how they see people.

If you don’t have a 4-year-old in your life, I recommend finding one as soon as humanly possible. And when you get a chance, ask them, What do you think people should do all day? I promise it’ll be the one of the best conversations you’ll ever have. 🙂

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  1. Four-year-olds are definitely awesome! Especially after coming off of the terrible threes! My little guy is finally ending the whiny threes and will officially be four next month. 🙂

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