Parents: Don’t Get Rid of Your Kids’ Silly Bandz and Rainbow Loom Bracelets!

Any parent in America with school-aged kids knows about Silly Bandz and Rainbow Looms. Our kids don’t even go to school, and our girls still got sucked in by both fads. (If only we’d known rubber bands would be the big millennial “must have.” We could all be gazillionaires by now!)

Of course, fads like these come and go, and as your children outgrow them, you’re left with stashes of previously-prized, now-neglected, yet somehow-still-sentimentally-valuable things. Collections of Silly Bandz your kids have abandoned, but aren’t ready to give up. Piles of Rainbow Loom bracelets that they refuse to get rid of, but also never wear.

No worries, parents. I have a solution that will not only allow your kids to keep their collections of overpriced rubber bands, but also solves a bigger problem—the fact that your family can go through a dozen and a half water glasses in a single day. 

That DRIVES ME CRAZY. Everyone forgets whose is whose. Every time they want water, they get a new glass, so you end up with a house full of half-empty water cups. GAH.

Here’s the solution we’ve been using for a while now with smashing results. I have friends who’ve done it, too, and I promise it works like a charm.

We keep a little bowl of bands and bracelets on the counter, right below the glass cabinet. When we get a water glass in the morning, we put a band (or two, or three) around it. The kids love choosing their color combos, so they always remember which one is theirs. If you want, you could give a specific color to each specific family member. We did that for a while, but the kids preferred to make their own combos each day. Guests do the same thing.
At the end of the day, the bands go back in the bowl and the glass goes in the dishwasher. Easy peasy.
(If you don’t have kids with stashes of Silly Bandz or Rainbow Loom creations, you can also just use plain old colored rubber bands. They sell huge bags of them at the dollar store.)

Seriously, one of the best household solutions we’ve come up with—right up there with putting frozen peas into kids’ soup to cool it off.

I’m not a genius. I just play one on the Internet.
P.S. I don’t think Silly Bandz are even a “thing” anymore, though they still sell them on Amazon. Our girls really loved their Rainbow Loom for a while, and I thought it had enough creative value to make it worthwhile. Might make a good holiday gift for a kid in your life. Right now it’s cheaper than when I bought it—$12.12 as of today, with free Prime shipping.

(By the way, this post contains affiliate links. You can stop reading this now if you want, but curiosity will probably get the better of you. See? Still here. Maybe I am a genius after all. Or maybe you’re wondering, “What in tarnation does ‘affiliate link’ mean, Annie?” Don’t feel bad—I don’t know what ‘tarnation’ means, so we’re all learning. All ‘affiliate link’ means is that if you make a purchase through this link, Amazon tosses a few cents my way. You don’t pay anything extra—it’s the same page you’d get if you searched for it on Amazon. But The Man (the FCC—or is it the FBI? Maybe the FTC. That sounds more right.) requires bloggers to disclose when they share affiliate links. I’m a rule follower, and I only ever post links to things I’ve bought or would buy myself, so it’s a winning situation all around. So now that you know, feel free to ignore that link up there if you have no interest in buying a Rainbow Loom for a sweet, special little kid in your life. And while you’re at it, go ahead and kick a puppy and spit on the Constitution, you un-American Scrooge. That was a joke. I’m just having fun explaining what an affiliate link is because explaining affiliate links feels a little bit like talking about taxes. YAWN. Most bloggers like to disclose their affiliate links as minimally as possible, because some people get all fussy if they think bloggers are making money, even though they put hours and hours into their work, often with no pay at all. I’m not getting rich off of affiliate links, I promise. It basically pays for my coffee habit. I promise I’ll let you know the minute I start making fistfulls of money. You’ll probably hear my, “YAHOOO! FINALLY!!!” echoing across the nation. Until then, I’ll keep plugging along, sipping my homemade lattes in my Love cup and writing about motherhood. And more. For fun. And coffee. Peace out.)

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