Oh, My Aching Back

I don’t know how people deal with chronic pain. I’m not sure what I did, but ever since we finished painting at the new house yesterday, if I move my torso certain ways, I get a shooting pain in my lower back that makes me want to shout profanities. And I almost never swear. I’m guessing by the way it feels and behaves that it’s a pinched nerve. I can get into a semi-comfortable position sitting, but only for about 15 minutes. Then I can move around semi-comfortably for awhile, but soon it starts acting up so I have to sit down. Getting in and out of the car is excruciating. Getting off the couch takes some serious acrobatics. Ice helps a teeny bit. Ibuprofen hasn’t touched it.

Have I mentioned we’re moving in six days and still have most of our homeschooling stuff to pack?

Frickity frick.

It makes me really feel for people who deal with pain on a regular basis. The pain itself makes you cranky. And then the limitations it puts on what you can do (like packing or picking up your 2-year-old) also makes you cranky. Makes me want to give crotchety old people a little leeway. I imagine something like arthritis would really make you pissy.

And now my back is telling me that my sitting time is about up. I miss blogging about interesting stuff (and not so interesting stuff, too). Looking forward to this move being done and over with so I can get back to my daily posts. If I wrote daily now, you’d just hear more whining about my back, and packing, and moving, blah blah blah.

On a positive note, our new house has a screened-in porch. So maybe I won’t have to whine so much about frickin’ mosquitoes this summer. 🙂

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