My Hunny’s Home!

Havarti’s been gone on a business trip since Thursday, and he just got home this evening. We all really really missed him. The Muse, in particular, has a really hard time when her daddy travels (which he only does once or twice a year). Dolittle doesn’t mention it much, and she doesn’t ever really want to talk to him on the phone or anything when he’s gone, but she’s so happy when he gets home. And BoyWonder was his normal self, and I wasn’t sure how aware he even was that Havarti wasn’t here, but as soon as Daddy walked in and picked him up, he said, “Gacketball!!” Havarti replied, “You want to go play basketball?” to which BoyWonder shouted, “YEAH!!!” and then proceeded to drool all over himself as Havarti carried him downstairs. His ball buddy was back. 🙂

And my sleep buddy is back. I don’t sleep well when Havarti’s gone. I stay up way too late, for some reason. I also feel just sort of discombobulated. I had plans to do all kinds of organizing and whatnot, and only got about 25 percent of what I’d planned actually done. (Sigh.) I didn’t even blog for two days in a row, which is a record in the past couple of months. Ah, well. He’s home now, safe and sound. Now I can sleep again. 🙂

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