Kids Growing Up

The Muse will be 10 in just three weeks. TEN. That feels so huge to me. Two digits. Past the halfway point to official adulthood. And Dolittle just turned 6. She’s like a big kid now. She’d be going to first grade if she were officially in school. No half-day, naptime-in-the-afternoon kindergarten. Read kid stuff.

I feel like I’m not ready for these next stages we’re heading into. Why can’t they stay little forever? I’m good with the baby and toddler stages, even with all the sleeplessness, the tantruming, etc. If I’m being perfectly honest, there are times when I almost feel angry with them for growing up. It’s illogical and silly and totally unfair, but I do. What can I do to embrace the inevitable loss of their childhood? I need to meditate on this for a while I think. They each have their own journey, which I recognize, but as a parent your kids’ journeys are so intertwined with your own that it’s hard sometimes to sort out whose path is whose.

Too sleepy to ruminate a lot tonight. And I hear a toddler waking up and needing Mama. And so I will happily oblige, knowing how fleeting these stages really are.

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  1. Begin with the end in mind… What is your final desired outcome? Mine is having children who grow into kind, loving, helpful adults who expend their energy doing something that both fulfills their passion AND makes the world a better place. Remembering that helps me to appreciate the growing up part (Yup! They’re on track all right!), while still enjoying all the hugs and love notes I still get from them right now.

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