Joy and Pain

Joy: It was a gorgeous day today. 68 degrees and sunny, absolutely gorgeous.

Pain: I had to spend almost three hours raking dead plant life out of the backyard jungle.

Joy: The kids helped in the yard. Well, The Muse helped, Dolittle sort of helped but mostly played with worms, and BoyWonder just puttered around throwing dirt.

Pain: It’s so early in the season, I didn’t think about the fact that we were going to be in the sun all afternoon, so I didn’t put sunscreen on any of us. Not badly burned, but my lips are a little sore.

Joy: Went to a Baha’i study circle and had some very interesting discussions about the seemingly dichotomous virtues of knowing your own self and abandoning the self. Good stuff.

Pain: They served three kinds of ice cream at the study circle. Not only that, but they were my favorites (mint chip brownie, chocolate chip, and cookies ‘n’ cream). Not only that, but they also had a bag of Lindor truffles. Also my favorites.

Joy: I denied the ice cream, denied the truffles, and chomped my Trident gum. I am a freaking rock star with the resolve of an oak tree.

Pain: We did our taxes tonight. What happened to the days when we used to get a refund?

Joy: We did our taxes tonight. Nice to be finished with that for another year.

Pain: I seem to be developing some sort of a cough. Almost. Probably allergies.

Joy: We’re watching last night’s “Parenthood” episode. Love this show! Gotta go.

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